Youtube on Your TV

Help bring the magic of opera to mid-Vermont !

Opera Company of Middlebury has its own YouTube Channel
and you may want to access its programming on your television instead
of a computer. Here are a few directions on how to access YouTube.

Make our YouTube performances appear on your TV:

Install YouTube’s TV app on your streaming device (Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.). You will need to be able to sign into a YouTube account to do this (or set up a YouTube account if you don’t already have one)
Streaming from a tablet or phone to a Smart TV:
  • Open the link for OCM’s latest show on your phone, tablet or computer, making sure your devices and TV are on the same WiFi.
  • Lightly tap the video and hit the “Play on TV button” (square with arrow). You may be prompted to choose your SmartTV device if there are multiple devices on your WiFi.
If YouTube is already installed on your smart TV:
  • Open the YouTube TV app on your TV.
  • On a computer or mobile device, visit and enter the activation code displayed on your TV.
  • Select the account associated with your YouTube TV membership. Don’t have an account? Create one.
  • Click allow and you can now start watching on your TV.
Setting up YouTube to play a public video on OCM’s YouTube Channel:
  • Sign into YouTube on your phone or tablet or personal computer, then click the link you’ve received from us. At the top of the video, there should be a + sign. Click it to add this video to your “watch later” list.
  • Prior to the show’s start, open the Youtube App on your streaming device or Smart TV, and navigate to your “Watch Later” list.
  • OCM’s livestream performance should pop up first. If doesn’t, click “Sort By” and “Date Added (Newest)” and that should pull it up for you.

Here are some other How To’s on streaming to your television – and there are a lot more out there!

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