2021 Annual Fund Contributors

OCM’s commitment to professional live opera with full orchestra and a Young Artists Program has led to growing budget pressures. Ticket sales (37% of our budget), membership gifts (40%), and grants alone cannot address the fiscal realities of a non-profit arts organization in 2021. With administrative costs a mere 6% of the budget and careful stewardship of our expenses, we have managed. The OCM Annual Fund’s goal is to sustain and lift the levels of excellence we have established without compromise.

Donations received as of June 14, 2021.

$5,000 and up
Patricia Tarallo
$2,000 and up
Special recognition for a generous donation
from the estate of Arnold Abelson
Chip & Nancy Malcolm
Patty Pisanelli
$1,000 and up
Richard P. Alther
Katharine & Sherwood Briggs
Angelika & Buz Brumbaugh
Mary Sarah Holland
Barbara Cory & Spencer Knapp
Peter & Joann Langrock
Dr. J. Scott & Judith Morrison
Carl & Barbara Sassano
Jean Seeler-Gifford
Jeffrey Steinkamp
$500 and up
Gayl M. Braisted
David Colman & David Clark
Don & Michelle Devost
Carolyn & Will Jackson
Elizabeth Karnes Keefe
Ann LaFiandra
Richard Marshak & Andrea Landsberg
Marny & Rob Lichtenstein
Prospero Gogo & Amy Lilly
Chip & Nancy Morgan
James & Helen Wright
$200 and up
Ila von Hasperg & Skip Abelson
Shirley Benson
James Bernegger
Jim & Elise Blair
Manya & Tom Dickinson
Magna & David Dodge
Pam & Steve Douglass
Cecelia & Murray Dry
William & Judith English
Ethan Fenn
Jack & Shirley Herron
Edmond Mathez & Marguerite Bussod Mathez
Bill & Gail Miller
Al & Sally Molnar
David Neiweem
Kate & Bill Schubart
Sarah Taylor
Melissa Volansky
Susan Weber
$100 and up
Edwin Amidon
Glenn & Barbara Andres
Alexandra Baker
Don & Rhonda Ballou
George & Sue Cady
Deborah & George Dameron
Nancy Ewen
Robert & Marthe Fisher
Baiba Grube & Roger S. Foster
Gerry & Betsy Gossens
Ann & Robert Hallowell
Jennifer Chiodo & David Harcourt
The Hardy-Mittell Family in memory of Miriam Hardy
Theresa M. & Kenneth O. Harris
Bruce & Ginny Hiland
Martha M. Hill
Jean & Ulrich Holzinger
Susan Hoyt
Dayle Klitzner & John Kellner
Michael & Barbara Kieran
Nancy C. Lathrop
Dr. Ronnie Lesser
Elaine Mitcham
Lisa Mitchell
Robert & Lynda Murphy
Mark & Marilyn Neagley
Karl & Diane Neuse
Francis Nicosia
Norma Norland
Ellen Oxfeld & Francis Nicosia
Carolyn & Ken Perine
Patty Oliver-Smith & Stephen Pitkin
Barbara Greenwood & James Pugh
Gay Regan
Anton Rifelj
Meredith & Wright Salisbury
Meredith Salisbury
Sam Sanders
Mary & Michael Scollins
Lindi Bortney & Jerry Shedd
Kathleen & Dutton Smith
Gary & Kathleen Starr
Lesley & Laurence Straus
Alice C. Van Tuyl
Susan & Roberto Veguez
Suzanne Ward
Timothy H. & Arlinda Wickland
David Adair & Barbara York
Albert & Irene Zaccor
Other Contributors
Betsy D. Ainsworth
Kathy Ambrette
Lynne A. Balman
Paul Beliveau
Patricia A. Boera in honor of Jody Zeoli
Victoria Chase
Hal & Linda Cohen
Sue & Charlie Davies
Walter Deverell, Jr.
Aimee Diehl
Lyn DuMoulin
Margaret & Jim Eagan
Caroline M. Edmunds
Elizabeth M. Eklof
Diane M. Flyte
Mark Freudenberger
Stephanie Gallas
Julia Goldstein
William & Patricia Griffin
Jane & Matthew Kimble
Tina Kurrelmeyer
Melissa Lourie
John W. Malcolm
Eileen May
John & Alison Metcalfe
Florence Wagg & William Mierse
Erik Nielsen
Michael & Judy Olinick
Ann P. Page
John Quinney
Joyce Reddy-Bradbee
Rebecca & Charles Sherlock
Susan Smiley
Carl Lisman and Deborah N. Smith
Robert Troester & Joan Stepenske
Betsy & Patrick Stine in honor of David Barbour
Rebecca & Charles Strum
David C. Tinling, M.D.
Heidi Willis