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Thank you to all our members, this opera company would not exist without your continued generous support.

OCM is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.


Memberships received as of June 27th, 2019.


Director’s Circle

Carolyn and Will Jackson


Scott and Judy Morrison


Peter and Joann Langrock
Richard Marshak and Andrea Landsberg
Chip and Nancy Malcolm


Ben and Susan Anderson-Ray
Jim and Elise Blair
Sherwood and Catherine Briggs
David Colman and David Clark
Sue and Charlie Grigg
Mary Holland
Gale Hurd
Hank and Josie Kaestner
Al and Sally Molnar
Chip and Nancy Morgan
Carl and Barbara Sassano
Jean Seeler-Gifford


Arnold Abelson and Carol Milkuhn
Irene Poole and Tom Cabot
Dana & Michael Engel
Chris & Susan English
Fran Bull Fitzgerald
Tom and Erna Jones
Dorrie Parini and Paul LaFerriere
Ann LaFiandra
Prospero Gogo and Amy Lilly
Mary Longey
Art Sherman & Louise May
Bill and Gail Miller
Barbara Greenwood and James Pugh
Richard Alther & Ray Repp
Jane and Michael Schoenfeld
Kate and Bill Schubart
Jeffrey Steinkamp
Allison and Cameron Steinmetz
Patricia Tarallo
Thomas Wilkins
James & Helen Wright


Alexandra Baker
Don and Rhonda Ballou
Gayl M. Braisted
William F. Brooks, Jr.
Angelika and Bux Brumbaugh
Louise and Ashley Cadwell
John & Katherine Dick
Magna and David Dodge
Nancy Ewen
Emory and Diana Fanning
Ethan Fenn
Gerry and Betsy Gossens
Bill Mares and Christine Hadsel
Ann and Robert Hallowell
Larry Yarbrough and Amy Hastings
Dayle Klitzner and John Kellner
Marny and Paul Lichtenstein
Carol and Joel Miller
Robert Borden and Catherine Nichols
Frederick Pratt
Anton Rifelj
John and Leslie Riggs
Nancy and Ronald Rucker
Richard and Delyle Soper
Sarah Taylor
Suzanne Ward
Susan Weber
Frank and Janet Winkler
Abbott & Marian Wright


Harris and Jan Abbott
Ila von Hasperg and Skip Abelson
Ted Allen
Alfred and Juanita Andrea
Glenn and Barbara Andres
Thomas Anoe
Gretchen Ayre
David and Nancy Barbour
Shirley Benson
Krissa Bolton
Bruce and Sue Byers
Barbara and Richard Catlin
Carol and Nick Causton
Tanya and Bill Cimonetti
Kelly and Tom Cullins
Anne Stellwagen and Jack Daggitt
Deborah and George Dameron
Manya and Tom Dickinson
Alida & John Dinklage
Emmie and Stephen Donadio
Pam and Steve Douglass
Barbara Elias
The English Family
Sylvia H. Ewerts
Robert and Marthe Fisher
Baiba Grube and Roger S. Foster
Suzanne Fredericks
Gary and Cynthia Gillen
Shirley Hargraves
Theresa M. and Kenneth O. Harris
Carl and Carlanne Herzog
Anne Holland
Dale and Alice Hyerstay
David and Eleanor Ignat
George and Pat Jaeger
Kathleen G. Johnson
Constance Kenna
Rick & Sally Kershner
Lorraine and Warren Kimble
Madeleine M. Kunin
René and Alicia Romero Langis
Nancy C. Lathrop
Kristine Linn
Clarence Merriles and Donald Loeffler
Ed and Elaine Mitcham
Thomas L. Munschaeur
David Neiweem
Karl and Diane Neuse
Francis Nicosia
Norma Norland
Andrew and Reidun Nuquist
Michael and Judy Olinick
Jane Osgatharp
Ellen Oxfeld
Ernest and Darlene Palola
Garreth and Kevin Parizo
Barbara L. Parker
Paul & Dorothea Penar
Gay Regan
Lindi Bortney and Jerry Shedd
Barbara Williams Sheperd
Gail D. Smith
Harold and Jean Somerset
Betsy and Patrick Stine
Rebecca and Charles Strum
The Tatkon-Kent Family
Pat Todd
Agnes C. Underwood
Mary VanVleck
Susan and Roberto Veguez
Allen and Paula Wilson
Katherine Windham
Jon and Barbara Woodbury
David Adair & Barbara York
Albert Zaccor


David Andrews
Nina Mathewson Bacon
Tom & Lorna Bates
Paul Beliveau
Carol Calhoun
Linda and Roger Cole
Joan Curtis
Thomas Dean
Margaret Dombro
Margaret and Jim Eagan
Kenneth and Enid Engler
Deborah N. Foster
Jean and Ulrich Holzinger
Mary K. Kerr
Michael and Barbara Kieran
The Kimble Family
Peter and Ann Kreisel
Mr. and Mrs. Mahoney
John Malcolm
Helen & Eric McFerran
Leila and Joseph McVeigh
Florence Wagg and William Mierse
Robert and Linda Murphy
Mark and Marilyn Neagley
Martha O’Connell
Herbert and Catherine Ogden
Ann P. Page
Miriam and Ted Perry
Pamela Polston
Carl Lisman and Deborah N. Smith
Gary and Kathleen Starr
Robert Troester and Joan Stepenske
Charlotte Stetson
Becky Stratton
Linnea Taylor
Alice C. Van Tuyl
Irene Vignoe
Heidi Willis
Joan Wilson

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