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Sponsor an Artist!

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Sponsoring a singer or musician is an enjoyable and personal way of supporting the Opera Company of Middlebury. A link is made between you in the audience and the artist on stage or the musician in the orchestra. Over the years, several donors have formed fast friendships with young singers and musicians. Lend your support by sponsoring a singer or a musician in the financial amount of your choosing.

Sponsors will be invited to attend rehearsals starting October 2, and to come to Vermont Public Radio when singers will be live on the air in the VPR Studio on October 10. At the $500 level and above, you will be offered a complimentary ticket to any of the Middlebury performances of TOSCA.

Not only will you make a personal connection to the performer, but you will help defray the personnel costs for TOSCA.

Please make a donation online with a credit card or PayPal at ocmvermont.org/donate

Or send a check payable to “Opera Company of Middlebury” and mail to:

Opera Company of Middlebury
PO Box 803
Middlebury, VT 05753

Be sure to include your email address and phone number so we can invite you to rehearsals!

Want more info? Email us at contactus@ocmvermont.org

Thank you for your support!